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Making downtown the place to be.

Downtown Chambersburg Inc. is a nonprofit focused on downtown revitalization through implementing the four points of the Main Street Approach: Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion and Organization.


At least $30 million of investment is planned in the downtown over the next few years, not including small-scale investors. With baby boomers and millennials trending more toward walkable, less car-dependent ways of living, communities all across the country are reinvesting in their downtowns to create better linkages that leverage these lifestyle preferences. Chambersburg is no different.


Downtown Chambersburg Inc. (DCI), an affiliate of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, recently completed a downtown visioning and master planning process that provides a framework for DCI and its partners to leverage the existing cultural, historical, retail and natural assets located in the downtown. The ultimate goal of this plan is to attract more private investment to the downtown.

Downtown Chambersburg is a crossroads where art and diversity unite, local food and diverse international cuisine combine, new ideas and traditional values converge, and vibrant and healthy lifestyles abound.

We believe in downtown and that its revitalization is critical to the quality of life of the greater Chambersburg area. Downtowns are the place to “be.” We are well-positioned to make downtown Chambersburg that place, and our vision guides us there.


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Visualizations of transformational strategies created through the visioning and master plan process are pictured in the gallery to the right. These are preliminary examples of focus areas for economic development activities and enhancement opportunities.


To view the full Downtown Master Plan, please click the link below. You may also stop by DCI's office at 100 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg to pick up a hard copy.

1 N. Main St. After
1 N. Main St. Before
Roy Pitz After
Roy Pitz Before
Street Signage After
Street Signage Before
Water Access After
Water Access Before
Food Mart After
Food Mart Before
Ampitheater After
Ampitheater Before
Bike Plaza After
Bike Plaza Before
Parking Garage After
Parking Garage Before
Chambers Fort Park Gateway After
Chambers Fort Park Gateway Before
2nd and Lincoln After
2nd and Lincoln Before
Green Street After
Green Street Before
Market Place After
Market Place Before
Intersection After
Intersection Before
Greenway Walkway After
Greenway Walkway Before
Alleyway After
Alleyway Before
Storefronts After
Storefronts Before

The master plan does not stand alone, but is rather one part of an overall economic development strategy that will make downtown Chambersburg, PA a place that people want to be.


We invite you to be part of downtown Chambersburg's transformation! To get involved, contact us at 717-264-7101 or
Our President
Samuel Thrush, AICP
Our Board of Directors
Jenna Kaczmarek, Chair - Patriot Federal Credit Union
Alice Elia, Vice-Chair - Franklin County Library System
Mike Metz, Treasurer - F&M Bank
Nancy Mazariegos, Secretary - Chambers Apothecary
Amer Chaundry - Falafel Shack
Stacy Mellott - The Stacy Mellott Group with Remax 1st Advantage
Kelly Kozlowski - The Capitol Theatre
Jennifer Davis - Downtown Bussiness Council of Chambersburg
Ann Wagner - Ludwig Jewelers
Emily Schuit - i360 Property Management
Guy Shaul - Borough of Chambersburg Staff
Jack Jones / Mike Rideout - Elm Street/Building Our Pride in Chambersburg
Larry Hensley - Borough of Chambersburg Council Member
Mayor Kenneth Hock "Hocky" - Borough of Chambersburg Mayor
David Grant - Keystone Health
Dave Keller - Franklin County Government, Commissioner
Kendra Matusiak - REmix Design
Marcos Gonzalez - Gonzalez Insurance Agency
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