It is the mission of Downtown Chambersburg Inc to drive, enhance, and encourage investment in Downtown Chambersburg.

  • A downtown is home to locally owned, independent businesses that keep 68% of their revenue recycling back into the community.

  • A healthy, vibrant downtown is an indicator of the economic condition of the City and the County.

  • Downtown businesses provide employment opportunities at all skill levels.

  • Successful downtown businesses can pay higher business privilege and mercantile taxes, contributing to the overall growth and economic improvement of the City and County.

  • A healthy downtown enhances property values and expands the City’s tax base.

  • A vibrant downtown creates a sense of place and pride for the community.

  • A downtown reduces sprawl by concentrating commercial activity in one area.

  • It serves as an incubator—for new, small, and locally owned businesses.

  • Downtowns preserve and improve property values—in both immediate and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

  • The rehabilitation of old buildings supports the local economy by employing local trades... and local tradesmen usually purchase local building materials.

  • A downtown serves as a community space where members of all segments of the community can come together for parades and other community events.

  • The downtown is usually home to a community’s arts and cultural offerings—which also act as an economic driver and catalyst for business development.


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