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HUBZone Program

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HUBZone Program


Downtown Chambersburg is a registered HUBZone. What does this mean? The national HUBZone program gives Federal contracting preferences to qualified small businesses located in Historically Underutilized Business Zones in order to increase employment opportunities, stimulate capital investment and promote economic development.


Learn more by watching the “Understanding the HUBZone” video and review the information below.


What are the Federal contracting opportunities for HUBZone businesses in downtown Chambersburg


  • Three percent of all federal prime contract dollars is targeted to HUBZone businesses. HUBZone contracting government-wide in FY2010 was $12 billion and FY2011 was $9.9 billion

  • Set-aside awards

  • Sole source awards

  • 10 percent price evaluation preference (PEP) in full and open contract competitions

  • Subcontracting opportunities


What are the HUBZone eligibility requirements?


  • Principal office located in a HUBZone

  • At least 35 percent of employees must reside in a HUBZone

  • Small by SBA standards for selected NAICS codes

  • Ownership and control by at least 51 percent U.S. citizens


Learn more about eligibility requirements in this video.


Identifying HUBZone Addresses


You can also search for HUBZone addresses using the interactive SBA HUBZone Map.

Get certified as a HUBZone business

Before you can participate in the HUBZone program, you must be certified by the SBA. Take these steps to get HUBZone certified.

  1. Make sure you have a account.

  2. Make sure you have a General Login System account.

  3. Apply for HUBZone certification using the General Login System. Log in, select “Access” and then “HUBZone” before completing the prompts.

  4. Check your email for time-sensitive instructions to electronically verify your application within 10 business days.

  5. Submit any requested supporting documentation within 10 business days.

  6. Update your profile to indicate you are a HUBZone business after you get an email confirmation from the SBA.

The information you’ll need to provide in the application will vary based on your business structure and whether you’re already participating in other SBA contracting programs. Read the instructions from the General Login System carefully to make sure you provide all the necessary information


For More Information…


Contact us to discuss details about the program and how your business could receive benefits for being in the HUBZone by calling 717-264-7101 or emailing

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