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Join a supportive and entrepreneurial business culture.


Invest in downtown for not only the prime location, but also for the variety of resources and benefits at your disposal.

There are many financial tools available to assist business and property owners in downtown Chambersburg. Explore the programs listed below to learn more about how your downtown business or property can benefit.


Available programs to financially assist downtown property owners:


Façade Improvement Program


Click here for more information.


LERTA Program


Local Economic Development Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) Program is a three-year tax abatement program for property owners who make substantial improvements to their Downtown buildings that result in higher taxation. The difference in the tax assessment may be waived for three years once the work is completed and the County Tax assessment has been recorded. Land Use permits for the improvements may begin up to April 9, 2017.


For more information about the LERTA Program, call 717-264-7101 or email


Franklin County First Fund


Franklin County First Fund is a low-interest Revolving Loan Fund that is subordinated to other financing, which may be used for commercial job creating projects within Franklin County, with a maximum loan of $50,000. 


For more information, visit or call 717-263-8282.


Anchor Building Revolving Loan Fund


The Anchor Building Revolving Loan Fund is a Borough “Revolving Loan Fund” for New and Emerging small businesses in the Downtown, with a maximum loan of $25,000, which must be matched by other financing. Funds may be used for building improvements, facade improvement and interior renovations. Commercial property and business owners eligible to apply.



Chambersburg Area Development Corporation

Chambersburg Area Development Corporation (CADC) is an organization that provides financing to qualified projects. Call Steve Christian at 717-264-7101 or email for more information.

Community Development Corp.


Community Development Corporation (CDC) of Franklin County is a multi-bank second-position lender with a primary mission of providing “Gap” financing behind first-position bank lenders, with a maximum of 15% of the total Project Cost up to $50,000.


CDC has a mission to assist the needs of low- to moderate-income borrowers for first-time home ownership, new business starts and expansions, and larger job-creating economic development ventures in Downtown and throughout Franklin County.


To contact CDC for inquiries on lending, call 717-264-7101 or email

HUBZone Program

For more information on the HUBZone, please click here.


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