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Downtown Strong


Downtown Chambersburg Inc. in cooperation with Beam Graphix announces the Downtown Strong Merchandise Campaign. We are thankful for Beam Graphix's willingness to help start us start this campaign.


The Downtown Strong Merchandise campaign raises money to buy gift cards from downtown retailers. After the gift cards are purchased, Downtown Chambersburg Inc. will be donating the gift cards to Keystone Health and Wellspan Health to be handed out to their staff. Win! Win! Win!

Please click here to order the Downtown Strong T-shirts! Beam Graphix offers pickup and shipping options.

Why are we purchasing downtown retailer gift cards? Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many of our downtown retailers had to extremely modify their business operations. Most retailers within downtown have limited to no cash flow to help working capital expenses. Please consider purchasing a t-shirt, sweat shirt, hoodie or mug!

Thank you to Andi Finch of Downtown Business Council of Chambersburg for helping Doug of Beam Graphix and Sam of Downtown Chambersburg Inc. brainstorm this campaign!

E-Gift Card Program


At the beginning of business closures related to COVID-19, we sat up an e-gift card program with Downtown Business Council of Chambersburg. The e-gift card program has a bonus gift certificate competent. Click here to learn more.

Fountain Water.jpg
Hearts Across Downtown


As an act of solidarity, downtown businesses are displaying hearts of hope across our downtown. We encourage you to walk downtown (while practicing social distancing). Here are some pictures!

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